"In the light there is darkness,
but don't take it as darkness;
In the dark there is light,
but don't see it as light.
Light and dark oppose one another
like the front and back foot in walking.
Each of the myriad things has its merit,
expressed according to function and place.
Phenomena exist; box and lid fit;
principle responds; arrow points meet.
Hearing the words, understand the meaning;
don't set up standards of your own.
If you don't understand the Way right before you,
how will you know the path as you walk?"

From Shih-t'ou's "Harmony of Difference and Sameness"

Models:Georgiana Neagu, Raluca Apostu, Anda Ipate
Makeup: Raluca Apostu
Hairstyle: Ionut Olaru

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