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Expo Fujifilm X World Photo Gallery

X Series began with the launch of FUJIFILM X100 in March of 2011. The following year introduced the premium mirrorless camera - the FUJIFILM X-Pro1. The FUJIFILM X series, consisting of both compact and interchangeable cameras, has expanded its line-up ever since and successfully captured the hearts of photographers all over the world. 2016 marks the 5 years of the X series, and this contest is part of the 5 year anniversary celebration. We are deeply flattered by the fact that over 3,700 entries from 90 countries entered in a mere one-month entry period. And we are in awe for the high level of imagery submitted. Today, we announce the final 107 selection. Like the name of the contest suggests, this is indeed "FUJIFILM X World Photo Gallery". We would like to congratulate the 107 winners and thank all the users that had taken part in this contest. "It is quite impolite thing to say to Fujifilm, but I had an impression that the X series was a secondary category. There are the 'full size' cameras, and there are other brands with longer history as a camera manufacturer. But as I looked through these photographs, I had forgotten about what I had just said and was simply drawn into the photography.Generally speaking, the winning photos of a typical contest are those that are technically well executed. Judges check whether the photo is in focus and at the right exposure etc,. But the entries to this contest were far beyond the level expected, and I was unable to judge by the technical skills alone. The final decision was based on the "added charm" that the photograph had. I don't mean "added charm" as those with vivid color, unique subject or original composition. I am talking about the raw energy that each photograph brought. Even if the photograph looks nothing out of ordinary, there was something about the photo that I just could not refuse. As I looked at these entries, I was very excited about the infinite possibility that photography had.It was a unique characteristic of the contest that I saw wide variety of subject, format, and color. In Japan, X series is typically praised for its color reproduction, but as I looked through these photos collected from all over the world, I found that perhaps people found love with the X for the high quality lenses, portability, and also the beautiful design.A photographer who took a good photo is a happy one. Likewise, the camera that was used to take the good photo is a happy camera. It was fun imagining the lives of these photographers. How did they first encounter X? How did they make their decision to buying X? How did they end up taking the photo? I was excited as I could see that their encounter with photography enriched their daily lives. I think this is what photography is all about. I was never tired looking at these photographs over and over because there was the happiness within the photos, and the happiness brought lives to the photos." Photographer Yukio Uchida



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