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Portraits in B&W-Blank Wall Gallery, Athens

Honoured to be a part of it! Thank you Maria Toutoudaki for the opening day pictures!

Photography Exhibition Portraits in B&W Opening: Friday 23 June, 21:00 Blank Wall Gallery 55 Fokionos Negri Street [p]+30.211.4052.138 [m]+30.694.3868.124 Curator: Markos Dolopikos Exhibition Duration: From 23 June until 6 July 2017 Portraits have always fascinated viewers, since they can observe the faces of people all over the world undisturbed and find similarities and differences with themselves. It is surprising that, regardless of the origin of these photos, some things, especially emotions, are common. People all over the world experience joy and frustration and a number of other emotions, and this is portrayed in their faces in the same way. Especially in the case of black-and-white portraits, the lack of color gives the viewer the opportunity to focus more on the emotions and the intensity they are depicted with and make comparisons. At Blank Wall Gallery, viewers will have the chance to see and study 85 black-and-white portraits from different countries from June 23 to July 6. Free Admission Info: info@ [p]+30.211.4052.138 [m]+30.694.3868.124

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