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"Portraits" exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery Athens

Group Photography Exhibition Portraits Opening: Friday 22 March, 20:00 Blank Wall Gallery 55 Fokionos Negri Street [p]+30.211.4052.138 [m]+30.694.3868.124 Curator: Markos Dolopikos Exhibition Duration: From 22 March until 3 April 2019

"Portraits" exhibition, presenting portraits from around the world, will be hosted by Blank Wall in March. Over 110 portraits will be presented in this exhibition, in print as well as in digital form. Portraits are always a pole of attraction, since the final result is often quite different from what the majority of viewers would expect to see. The final image is a result of the opinion the photographers have for their models. The photographer's culture definitely interferes with the end of the result and this is evident in exhibitions like this, where many artists from different parts of the world are housed under the same roof. Visitors to this exhibition will have the opportunity to see the differences in the philosophy and the culture of the photographers by themselves and draw their own conclusions. The exhibition will be held for about 2 weeks, from March 22 to April 3, for everyone who wants to see it. Free Admission

Info: info@ [p]+30.211.4052.138 [m]+30.694.3868.124 Working Hours: Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Friday: 16:30 21:30 Saturday: 12:00-14:30 Sunday, Thursday: Closed

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