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"CorpoRealities" exhibition, PH21 Gallery

The human body, in full or in part, is often in the focus of various photographic genres. From documentary, event and street photography to fashion photography and the nude, photographers have always found ways of constructing images in which the specific portrayal of the human body gains significance. This may be stemming from the rich layers of meanings determined and shaped bythe specific socio-cultural context of the image, the visual interaction of the human body with the surrounding physical space, or the intriguing compositional possibilities offered by the body itself. When focussing on the body, some photographers explore movements, study expressive gestures and postures, or concentrate on the beauty and details of the human anatomy. Some narrate whole life stories through the depiction of the human body. Others may offer stern visual criticism of our normative conceptions of the human body and its mainstream representation in Western media.

Exhibiting photographers

Cecilia Avendaño (Santiago de Chile, Chile), Nóra Balázs (Budapest, Hungary), Karin Bauer (Bisamberg, Austria), Patricia Borges (Rio de Janeiro , Brazil), Eva Brunner (Berlin, Germany), Brian Cann (Waldenbuch, Germany), Dóra Csörögi (Budapest, Hungary), Berta A Daniels (Maynard, MA, USA), Suzette Dushi (New York, NY, USA), Laurie Toby Edison (San Francisco, CA, USA), László Gálos (Salgótarján, Hungary), Albert George (Chicago, IL, USA), Nadide Goksun (Scarsdale, NY, USA), Allison Grant (Tuscaloosa, AL, USA), Eva Gstoettner (Vienna, Austria), Leena Holmström (Oulu, Finland), Berta Ibanez (Foix, France), Robert S Johnson (New York, NY, USA), Gary Justis (Bloomington, IL, USA), Aharon Kritzer (Shoham, Israel), Parvathi Kumar (Bridgewater, NJ, USA), Gong Liu (Los Angeles, CA, USA), José Carlos Marques (Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal), Dan McCormack (Accord, NY, USA), Matei Muntiu (Ipswich, UK), Stefan Neagu (Onesti, Romania), Olivia Peregrino (Dallas, TX, USA), Léna Piani (Ajaccio, France), Katalin Pusztaszeri (Budapest, Hungary), Sarah Shoemaker (Minneapolis, MN, USA), Zsolt Székelyhidi (Budapest, Hungary), Krisztina Tyukodi (Budapest, Hungary), Barbara Vandendriessche (Brussels, Belgium), Yana Vasilyeva (Krasnodar, Russia), Elsa Zambrano (Paris, France)

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